Saturday, 31 December 2011


I've always had a thing about reading blogs.  Specifically blogs that discuss fashion.  However, due to my inability of creating a spectacular outfit everyday of the week, I have decided against creating a fashion blog numerous times.  But today during my final driving lesson of the year I thought to myself, 'Chloe, why don't you create a blog next year.' And so I'm here on the 31st of December, 2011 writing the introduction to my blog.  I have decided to title it, '18 FOREVER AND A DAY'.  The title comes from the fact that in 5 days time, I will be 18 years-of-age. So welcome to the world of an 18-year-old girl trying to achieve the great.

This next year is going to one of the most life changing ever thrust upon someone aged 18-years-old.  Not only am I tackling the dreaded A-Level examinations, I will also be tackling whatever the world has to through upon the typical 18-year-old.  Over the next year I will be:
  • Taking my driving test
  • Buying my first car
  • Find a better job than my current one
  • Learning to not waste money on pointless crap
  • Hopefully passing my A-Level exams
  • Making my final decision on which university I will attend
  • Having the best Summer ever
  • Drinking unprecedented amounts of alcohol
  • Making new friends
  • Gaining a boyfriend who will treat me right
  • Eating healthy and actually partaking in some exercise
  • Moving away from home
So not only am I going to be having a busy year, but it'll be changing forever.  Goodbye to childhood and it's carefree activities and hello to being an adult and actually taking things seriously.  However I must remember that 2012 is literally the year of a new hardworking start to life.  And I cannot forget that in 40 weeks time I will, be at the best university in the country, living life to the fullest.


As always I will quickly state publicly for the first time my New Years Resolutions:
  1. I will stop eating so much chocolate.  When will I learn that it just makes me spotty?
  2. Pass that driving test I have written about previously
  3. Get the AAB grades that most universities have asked me for
  4. Stop moaning about History class and the teacher.  I'll thank the subject and her one day.
  5. Live the year with no regrets; everything is fate
  6. Take-up my Nans offer of paying for the gym. And go at least 3 times per week.
  7. Volunteer at least once a month.  It'll make you realise you're giving back to society.
  8. Remind people how much I love them.
  9. Never say 'NO' unless it's necessary. Literally grab every opportunity.
  10. Take college seriously and then LET LOOSE at university in October.
So there; I've introduced my aims, my goals, my future experiences and life briefly.  Stay tuned over the next 365 days.  There's a lot to come!

Thank you and have a wonderful 2012.  You deserve it. God bless.