Friday, 27 July 2012


As a perk of my job I get to see the latest blockbuster films for free. So last night after several hours of boredom and too many episodes of Geordie Shore, I decided to venture out. I like having lazy days off work, but the reality of doing nothing finally hit me and I needed to get out. I treated my best friend to a night out at the cinema to watch The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D and tuck into a pick n' mix.

One thing I did enjoy was the fact that the 3D was impressive as I genuinely felt like I was in the film, which was immense as Andrew Garfield is an actual hunk. His role as geek-chic Peter Parker has now made me obsessed with Andrew Garfield and with finding my own geek-chic guy. Emma Stone and her character Gwen Stacey are two lucky ladies. Now I need Andrew Garfield in my life.

Another guy I need in my life is Jeremy Irvine. Whilst waiting for the film to start a trailer came on regarding a new film released in September called Now Is Good. The film is based on a novel called Before I Die by Jenny Downham, which I swiftly downloaded to my Kindle last night. The film's based on a young girl named Tessa, who's suffering from terminal cancer. Before she dies she wishes to complete a list of objectives, in a Bucket List sort of manner. The top of her list is to fall in love... with Jeremy Irvine's incredibly beautiful and English-gentlemanly-styled character. So, from what I've read so far, it could be tear-jerking novel which I'll love.

Right now I'm continuing my laziness, althought it's 3.30PM I'm still lay in bed and I'm planning on staying like this until I have to go to work. I'm planning on coming straight home after work too, due to the fact that my dad is going Wetherspoons tonight and therefore I'm avoiding town at all costs. I'd rather have a sober Saturday night in than go out and possibly bump into my dad. Now that would be shameful, considering right now he's currently washing his car on the front and singing loudly to Smooth FM...

I've got a couple of ideas of what I'm going to put on this blog over the next couple of weeks; such as: continuing my daily blogs, my most embarressing stories of recent, what I've learnt about nightclubs, my first holiday experience without the parents, what I've learnt about myself this past year and my pet peeves.

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