Friday, 27 July 2012


For my first blog post in a while, I thought I'd reintroduce you to just one of many ridiculous stories that make up my 'dramatic' life. Literally at times my life genuinely feels like it's one dramatic event after another; but I suppose that's what teenage life is all about. Except I'm not sure that the other person involved in this event is aware of it yet and if he is, that's a bit strange.

Let's set the scene for the dramatic event of yesterday which originated unknowingly a year ago. A year ago exactly this week, which makes the event even more dramatic really, I went to a friends 18th Birthday party. At the time I was 17-years-old and my friend was in the year above me at sixth form college. My friend only invited around 15 friends from college and the remainder of the people invited consisted of family and family friends. That was actually the first 18th Birthday party that I had been to with my friends, obviously I'd been family parties, but this was the first with my friends. I was super excited and I bought a new dress and wore heels and genuinely believed I could have passed as a year older than what I actually was. At this point in my life I still wasn't confident around guys and to be fair I never really talked to any other than my male friends. I was the kind of girl who would openly admit to my friends if I thought a guy I saw was attractive. So, whilst at this party, I saw an attractive guy with what I presumed was his girlfriend. I obviously thought to myself, "Lucky bitch, he's attractive."
Fast forward 8 months and I'm now an overly confident 18-year-old partying in a local nightclub. When one night, I got chatting to a nice guy, who was attractive and as far as I was aware, I'd never seen in my life. We dated for a while and basically to cut a long story short, he wasn't a very nice guy and I ended all contact with him.

Fast forward another couple of months until last night and then I got quite a shock. Whilst innocently looking through my Facebook newsfeed, my friend who's 18th I had been to had posted some pictures of her new pet lizards. Out of curiosity I decided to keep scrolling through her mobile uploads because I hadn't really spoken to her much recently since she'd been in university. So as I was flicking through her mobile uploads I finally came to some photo's of her 18th Birthday and out of further curiosity I decided to continue looking. The whole incident was pretty much brought about by me being overly curious. I found some pictures that I had never been tagged in and obviously I continued to flick through the photos when all of a sudden, I came across a picture which I never in a million years thought I'd have come across... the guy from the 18th Birthday was actually the guy I met in the nightclub and briefly dated.

What the actual hell? Out of all the guys in my town, why the hell did it have to be him that was at the party? He was the guy I actually thought was attractive? What the actual? I'm genuinely speechless regarding this situation. Only would this happen to me, you couldn't make this stuff up.

At times like these I like to say, "What is my life?"

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