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Over the past 7 months I've been welcomed into the world of night clubs. Not every night club is the same and they vary from place-to-place. The ways that I've acted and the things I have worn in a night club in Portugal have been totally inappropriate to what is acceptable to a night club in my town or within a British city environment.

In portugal it was acceptable to wear flip-flops and beach wear to a night club and it was easy to sneak your own alcohol into clubs and take a glass from one club to another.  Here in my home town that would have been totally unacceptable, not only are you not allowed to wear flip-flops but you're also not allowed to sneak your own alcohol in or leave a club clutching a glass.

But what I have learnt over the past 7 months is that there are certain etiquettes that are acceptable no matter where you are.

Here is a list of 10 things I've learnt over the past 7 months:

1. Go with a suitably sized group of friends
I've found that when people are drinking alcohol it's pretty hard to control what everyone else around you in doing if you're slightly more sober than everyone else. On holiday recently there were ten of us and to be fair, it was pretty darn hard to keep everyone together in a night club without people wandering off. So my advice for you would be that although it's insanely fun to be in a large group of friends, sometimes the night can be easier and more fun in a smaller group of 5 or 6 people.

2. Check out whether there's any offers on in any of the bars that you're planning on going to
Going on a night out can be fairly expensive of a weekend.  I've found that as a student there are many student themed nights that offer cheaper drinks during the week.  For me I've found that my town offers a cheap 'student night' on a Thursday, as well as the nearest city offering a student night on a Thursday. Similarly the nearest town also offers a cheap student night on a Tuesday. I've found that by going these cheaper nights I've managed to save a small fortune and I've managed to meet friends who are of a similar age to me, compared to a weekend when many clubs have pervy men in their 40s.

2. Discuss with your friends before you go whether it's a casual night out or a glam night out
I think this is a reasonably good piece of advice to all girls out there.  There's nothing worse than being over dressed or under dressed on a night out, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and wanting to go home. For me and my friends we usually find it important that we discuss what kind of outfit we're planning on wearing before a night out.  Usually a student night means casual flats, while a weekend night out means towering wedges or flat forms.  For me I like to be tall, so usually I'll wear flat forms for a casual night out and on a weekend night out.  This is because I'm comfortable and the hight gives me confidence.

3. Don't dress inappropriately- slaggy
This is another top tip of mine. Do not, I repeat do not, wear anything that is totally inappropriate.  When a parents passes comment about how you're not going out dressed like that, listen to them; because if your bum is showing and my boobs are on show you're going to attract the wrong kind of attention.  Not only will you attract the attention of sleezy men, but you'll also get stares off girls who find what you're wearing to be in bad taste.

4. Pre-drinks are sometimes a great idea
They are a good idea in the sense that they can help you save money on a night out which could be expensive, but they're not a good idea if you're not going to be able to get through the door to your night out.  I think there is nothing wrong with drinking 2 or 3 Bacardi and cokes before leaving the house or possibly sharing a bottle of wine with a friend whilst getting ready.  But I think there is something majorly wrong if you're doing several shots and drinking a bottle of wine before leaving the house and ending up in such a state that the bouncer is not going to let you in.

5. Make sure you don't get too drunk, know your limit; you'll have more fun when you're simply 'tipsy'
Don't get too drunk people, it's not a good look. Although it's fun to drink a alcohol and have a laugh with you're friends; it's not fun to stumble out a night club and expose yourself.  It's socially acceptable to drink alcohol to point where you're feeling confident enough to be able to dance without worrying that you look stupid.  Plus if you're not ridiculously drunk you won't have to worry about doing anything stupid and if you're friends aren't ridiculous drunk you won't have to spend your night worrying that they're going to end up doing something stupid.  All in all you'll have a great night.

6. Have as much fun possible- dance and laugh
I've found that if you're dancing and laughing you look super confident and fun.  Not only will you have a great time, but I've found that by acting in this manner people are more likely to approach you. Thus through this I've made friends who make my nights out hilarious.

7. Don't go out to simply attract lads
Don't be so boring. Night clubs are not just for males and female to attach to each other. Night clubs are there for you to have a great night with friends and let your hair down.  There's nothing wrong with flirting with guys every now and again, but to do it constantly is just wrong.  Not only does it create awkwardness and bordom for your friends it also creates an image for yourself as the-girl-who-any-guy-can-get-because-she's-so-desperate-to-pull.

8. Don't kiss strangers or leave with them
Just don't.

9. Don't stare people out or give out 'snotty' looks it can cause too much drama
Drunken people are rather sensitive people, just look at one wrong and it could cause World War Three.  My advice would be to avoid dramatic looking people and if you're going to look at people, smile.

10. Make sure you have a friend to accompany you home on a night out. Be safe.
After a brilliant night out, make sure you've got a friend with you on the journey home.  Whether it's a taxi or the first train home, make sure you're not alone.  I know society isn't full of completly weird people, but make sure you're safe.  Usually I will get a taxi home from a night out and if I'm the first out I'll say to my friend loudly, "Call me when you're in," that way I'll know she's in safely.

So, there you go, my top ten tips for a brilliant night out.  You might not agree with them personally, but from my experience I think they're accurate from what I've witnessed and experienced.

I hope you enjoy this post, there will be more like this to come.

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