Thursday, 5 January 2012


Today was such a great day! Not only did I have the most wonderful Birthday, I also got to spend the day with friends and family.  My friends and family mean the world to me.  My beloved family even put my Birthday in the local newspaper, including a shameful picture of me from when I was 6!  But I still love 'em.

My bestfriend, Katy, sent my card in the post.  The card had come straight from, and it was literally the most thoughtful card I have ever received.  The card was covered in pictures from over the past couple of years.  There were pictures of me and her, and pictures of us with mutual friends.  When I opened up the card the opening page had a beautiful verse in it about when we first met and how it's so strange that 13 years later we're still the bestest of friends.  Having just opened the present from my parents I was pretty emotional as it was,  but then reading this card caused me to burst into tears.  I guess I'm a little emotional?

I just thought I'd show you a couple of pictures of some of the things I received.  My parents got me my first ever Tiffany&co bracelet! Eeep!  I put it on my wrist as soon as I opened the box.  I was unaware of what I was getting for my Birthday this year as I told my parents to, "suprise me." Well they certainly didn't disappoint!  I love my new bracelet so much.  My maternal Auntie got me a Shamballa bracelet, which was also a complete suprise.  I had seen Ollie Locke and Chloe Green wearing Shamballa bracelets on Made In Chelsea a couple of months ago (at the time though I wasn't sure of what they were called).  However after a bit of research I discovered the name and a love for these beautiful bracelets!

My Nan is aware of how much I love to read books, particularly romance novels.  So in the form of an amazingly thoughful gift she bought me a Kindle.  Which I've now become obsessed with.  I find the screen so trippy, it's literally like reading a piece of paper, but it's electric.  Mind. Equals. Blown.  My little brother also bought me a purple leather case to protect it, which I thought was cute of him.

I received other gifts such as: make-up, shower sets and boots.  But I mainly received money, which I'm happy with.  My friends have asked me what I would like or if there was something I wanted in particular, but I've constantly found myself saying that I would like money if they were to get me anything.  I always find it pretty awkward when people ask you what you would like for your Birthday, I feel that by suggesting something I'm being really cheeky.

After a lovely day in college, including playing the game where someone sticks a persons name on your head and you have to guess who you are, I went for a meal with my family.  We went to a local resturant and as soon as we arrived we bumped into some of my neighbours.  One of these neighbours was the extremely gorgeous, 21-year-old that I've had a crush on since I was about 14.  Cringe.  His father realised it was my 18th Birthday and they bought me a couple of drinks- my first legal alcohol drinks! I then spoke to them for a short period of time before embarressing myself whilst hugging them.  My brain literally went into overdrive and I don't think I took a breath for the entire conversation.  I then hugged everyone (again!) and thanked them before walking swiftly away.  I didn't half make a show of myself.

I was really suprised that as soon as I turned 18, I wasn't asked for ID whilst getting alcohol.  But knowing my luck if I had attempted it yesterday they would have asked for ID.  The only thing I kind of regret about today is that I didn't buy my own first legal drink.  That'll have to take place tomorrow!

However it was the most wonderful 18th Birthday and I wouldn't change it for the world.

I'm so excited for tomorrow!


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