Monday, 2 January 2012


Frankie and Benny's is where my soiree will be taking place on Friday. EEP!

Last night I enjoyed a late night chat with one of my bestest friends.  Due to my new found inability to sleep, due to the Christmas holidays, I found myself wide awake at 3AM. Again. We both got onto the topic of my 18th Birthday and what I would like to do. And then that's where all the party planning began.

However for the past 2 months friends have been asking me constantly what I am going to do.  College friends have asked me what I'm going to do and then quickly reminded me that if I don't do anything I'll regret it when I'm old and wrinkly.  I've been told numerous times to, "Enjoy being young, you'll be old and grey before you know it." The latest actually came yesterday whilst I was in work.  A work collegue asked me whether or not I would like to go out with everyone from work, and I just couldn't resist the idea! We spoke briefly about going out together about 3 weeks ago.  During a works Christmas get-together we went to the local Wetherspoons where I experienced the cocktails titled: Woo Woo and Black Magic for the very first time.  They were delish and as a result of my Thursday night binge I suffered for my mischief the very next day at 7AM when I had to wake-up for College.  To sum up the night I had a really good laugh and as I result I want to do it again, once I'm legal.   

I've always been a fairly quite girl who had a phobia of throwing a party and no one turning up.  Even though I know deep down people would obviously turn up, it has still prevented me throwing a big Birthday bash (that is why I'm not having a hall party with my entire year group, instead I've settled for 14 close pals). But now that my 18th is in less than a weeks time I've finally gained enough courage to host a small get-together with my friends. 

As I wrote previously I was discussing my plans with a close friend last night.  We decided upon the idea of going to Nando's for a meal and then back to my house for a party.  However when I called Nando's today I experienced some rather rude customer service.The woman on the phone rudely told me that I couldn't book a table for Friday night and then hung-up, even though I had told her that there would be 14 people coming.  So from that ignorant phone call I decided to take my business elsewhere... FRANKIE AND BENNY'S IT IS! The woman on the phone there was extemely polite and actually had great customer service skills.  When I informed her it would be for my 18th Birthday she got all excited and suggested that they could put balloons on the table for me.  Now that's what I call customer service.

So with 1 more day before I'm back in College and 2 more days before my official Birthday, I've got a million-and-one things to do.  Not only do I have to find a great dress for Friday night (squeal!), I need to do a History essay (boo!) and starts some revision (even bigger boo!).

Roll on my Birthday! Woop!

P.s. I'm loving blogging.

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