Sunday, 29 January 2012


Sorry for disappearing for literally 2 weeks.  But now I'm officially back!

The past two weeks have consisted of: revision, junk food, alcohol, revision, more junk food and then more revision.  I haven't left the house much either, I was an official hermit.  A stressed hermit at the least. 

I only had 3 exams: two Historys and one Psychology.  My German History went suprisingly well, I think. But my Russian History was tragic, as was my Psychology.

I've spent the past week revising like mad for my Psychology.  This included a 13 hour revision session the day before in College.  Weirdly the revision session itself was fun; I had a McDonalds and we played Hide and Seek in the Sixth Form at 7PM.  Seriously, playing Hide and Seek in the Sixth Form, in the dark, was the most hilarious thing EVER! People hid under desks in Art and people hid in cupboards in Politics. Gosh, it was immense fun, especially when we realised the caretakers were coming up the stairs and they'd complain of our lack of revision.

I'm just so glad the exam season is over now.  My weekend has consisted of Nando's, cycling and Work.

On Saturday I did a 3 and a half hour shift, a 10 mile bike ride on my static bike and then went Nando's with some friends. 

Today however consisted soley of a 7 hour shift.  In which I was verbally abused by around 30 customers.  At the Cinema where I work the seats are allocated to ensure everyone gets a seat.  However, today during Kids Club a family decided to sit in 4 seats which they weren't allocated.  As a result WW3 kicked-off.  A woman ever so rudely came out and screamed at me for the fact that she couldn't sit in her 'allocated seats'.  I decided to call my manager after a further 7 people complained that they couldn't sit in their seats.  As a result he paused the projection and then he informed me that I had to go into the screen of 250 people and demand that they move to the correct seat.  So not only did I receieve abuse for the fact that people couldn't sit in their seats but because the projection had been paused.  I don't understand how customers can be so rude, especially when they're in the wrong.  The tickets clearly state what seat they have to sit in, so why can't they simply do what they're instructed to do?  And how can they claim that they don't know where they have to sit when the ticket clearly states the seat number and the Usher has reminded them?  A man even demanded that I turn the lights on in the screen, and when I told him it wasn't possible for me to do so whilst not in the projection room he continued to argue with me.  He then claimed that people would "fall down the stairs at this rate", to which I reminded him that the stairs have blue light on them to prevent such thing happening.  So ultimately I've had a stressful day.  I really hate my job at times, but I'd moan more when if I had no real money of my own.

So right now I've decided to tune into The Only Way Is Essex for the first time ever.  People constantly talk about how amazing it is, so I thought I better check it out for myself.  However, up to now I'm still dedicated to my beloved Made in Chelsea and it's hotties known as Hugo, Spencer and Francis.

I'll have something more interesting for you next post.  But for now I just thought I'd update you on what a boring 2 weeks it's been!

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