Thursday, 19 January 2012


Sorry I have been M.I.A this past week.  I've been rather busy revising for my upcoming A-level exams.  My first exam was on Monday (German History) and I think it went fairly well.  My heart literally stopped as I turned over the page to see the exam questions, but luckily it returned to normal beating order when I saw that they actually weren't too bad.  The only question that stumped me a litttle was a question which was only supposed to have a 15 year time period, but it weirdly had a 30 year time period.  Hopefully I dealt with okay though.

On Tuesday I had a haircut, *sighs*.  I regretting it now.  My hair which was down to my waist is now about 4 inches below my shoulder.  Which to me is beyond short!  My usual hairdresser is on maternity leave so I had to have another hairdresser cut it for me.  I literally told the hairdresser that I only wanted the 'dead ends' cutting off, meaning about 3 inches. But he got too scissor happy and chopped away.  Which annoyed me primarily because I know for certain I didn't really have many dead ends in the first place as I get a regular trim every other month.  Suprisingly I haven't cried, I'm just annoyed.  Hopefully it'll be the length I wanted it to be by March.  And in conlusion I won't be going to that hairdresser again. 

Tomorrow I've got one of my friends 18th Birthday, so I've highly excited for that.  My entire year is going, so it should be a laugh.  I'll be seeing people I haven't seen since my Year 11 Prom back in 2010.  This is because many of them didn't stay at the Sixth Form located at my High School.  As a result of this, we've made new friends and clearly grown apart.  But there's nothing like a long time friend bring together old friends.  To get into the party spirit I've spent the last couple of hours searching Topshop for the perfect dress and I discovered this beauty:

The dress cost me a whopping £46 which was justified by Mum saying that I can wear it on several occassions and the summer.  What I love about this dress is that it has a really flattering shape and it's very simple.  The material is really thick and it feels like amazing quality.  But for now that is all I can say until I've officially worn it out.

Also this week I bought two uh-may-zing Jack Wills 'boyfit' shirts.  I've just had a quick Google of these shirts and I cannot find them online.  So I'll post a picture of them in a couple of days.  Jack Wills is honestly the most amazing quality clothing you could find on the High Street.  I honestly wouldn't even call it High Street, it's certainly a 'designer' brand in my opinion.

But anyway, I need to get back to my History homework and my revision.  Roll on tomorrow and certainly next week!

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