Sunday, 8 January 2012


(I will be uploading photographs of my Birthday in the next couple of days.  I sadly had to use a friends camera as someone dropped my camera on the pavement outside.  Now the stupid thing won't work.)

Having spent the past couple of days rushed off my feet; I have finally got time to blog about my life.  Friday consisted of having insane fun with my friends and then yesterday consisted of me having an extreme downer in work.

For the first time in forever I had 'natural' hair on Friday for college.  I left it unstraightened and all hideously wavy.  I had quite a few comments on how nice and different it looked, but I generally feel people were just being nice.  The hole point of me leaving it wavy was because I planned on putting my hair in heated rolls when I got in from college.  This plan worked out and I sucessfully managed to leave them in for 3 hours prior to going out.  Literally 15 minutes before leaving the house I took the rollers out and my hair hadn't curled!  I then realised that because I hadn't curled my hair using the heated rollers for at least 6 months that my hair wouldn't curl using them in its current condition.  I've let my hair grow for the past 6 months, so my hair is currently below my waist and very heavy.  So the obvious conclusion was that my hair was too heavy to hold the curl which the rollers would have put in it.  Due to the fact that I had 15 minutes before I had to leave the house I started to panic.  It would be my luck that my hair wouldn't be how I wanted it for my party.  Luckily my Mum curled it for my using the straightners and the curl actually stayed it.  However this made me 15 minutes late for my own Birthday party.  But as I liked to say, "I wasn't late.  You were all early.."

Frankie and Benny's have amazing food and the portions are big enough for me!  The waiters placed us on a long table along the front of the resturant and that meant that everyone could see us, and people kept asking the waiter to ask us what the pitchers were called that we were drinking; this started to get annoying after a while. I was so excited when I bought my first legal drink.  I casually strolled up the bar and asked for a Woo Woo cocktail, all prepared to be asked for ID. And then the woman didn't even ask for my ID!  I was secretly gutted, I knew that if that was any other day prior to my 18th I would've been asked for ID, ha.  I've decided to keep the receipt for that first drink and I'm going to place it in a little keep-sake box. We ate our food and had a couple of drinks before we finally left the resturant as it was closing.

My mum and a friends mum picked me and 7 friends up and the rest got driven to my house by a friend who has already passed her driving test.  However I will never understand how she managed to pass her test.  She apparently stopped at a green light, drove in the wrong lane around a round-about and stalled 5 times.  Not to mention it took her 40 minutes to get to my house, when the journey normally averages at around 5 minutes. Rant over.

At my house my Dad had bought a tonne of alcohol and we had a party.  I can't fully remember what actually happened, but there's a lot of cool photographs on my friends camera. Nor do I remember falling asleep or people leaving.  All I know is that when I woke-up I wasn't hungover.  But I did have a stiff shoulder and a dodgy neck.

I had work yesterday (Saturday) and I was rushed off my feet.  I finally got to serve customers tickets to The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and I even got to serve alcohol!  But TGWADT was sold out and as I result I ran around behind the kiosk like a headless chicken, or at least how I would imagine a chicken without a head to run.  A funny story is that my manager turned the air-con on thinking that it would blow out hot air, but weirdly it blew out hot air.  So we were stood there all night wondering why we were all so freakin' hot.  And the obvious answer would be that the air-con was blowing out hot air.  I do really hate my job.

Today, I prepared for my driving test (which I hope I don't fail).  My driving instructor doesn't think I'm ready for my test, but I think I am, so I'm going to take it soon.  I also watched The Inbetweeners Movie with my family.  I do not recommend you do this with a 12 year-old boy in the room or your parents.  It just creates an awkward silence and the response of, "Now that's why I'm not letting you go on holiday in the Summer."

I've just realised that I have my first exam in exactly a weeks time tomorrow.  And as I've previously stated I haven't started revising.  This can only mean a tragedy is in the near distance. So, I better get my bum in gear and start revising, German History 1871-1925 here I come!


P.s. My Kindle rocks.

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