Tuesday, 3 January 2012


One of my New Years resolutions was to not complain about History or my teacher; I'm afraid that I have already broken that one.  Not only did she give me 15 essay plans to do over Christmas, she gave me: one 5-page essay to write, a reading booklet about the 3-Day Week, 8 'activities' AND asked me to read the below book.

So after painstakingly reading the first two sections of the book and taking notes, I was literally pulling my hair out.  By this point it was 3PM and I still had the above list of pointless tasks to do.  I guess tomorrow I'll have to slowly walk to History and then apologise to her about my lack of work over Christmas.  Hopefully no-one else has achieved much this Christmas.

My plan for today was to wake-up at 10AM, in order to fall asleep at a reasonable time tonight.  But as always in typical Chloe fashion I slept in until 12PM.

So basically I'm sat here now, wanting to curl up in a ball and hide for the month of January.  Not only have I got my first exam in 13 days, I haven't even started revising.  Nor have I even finished any homework.  The chances of me getting to Lancaster at this rate are pretty low. And to top it off my Mum informed me that if I don't pass these January exams, I'll be working at the dreaded Cinema for another 3-years. Gah.

I'm going to have a sip of my Ribena, brush my teeth and head for bed.  I've got an early start tomorrow. 7AM, why must you come?

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  1. Keep working hard and just keep thinking positive. Great work!!