Sunday, 1 January 2012


I brought in the new spectacular year with my lovely friends and family.  For the past 5 or 6 years I have been going round to my nextdoor neighbour's house; where we have brought in the New Year with friendly chatter and banter about the past year. We let fireworks off at midnight and one is demonstrated above.  I stayed out until just after 3AM and then I realised I'd never be up for work that afternoon.  However when I finally did get in one of my bestfriends text me to tell me about her antics and some mutual friends.  I kind of wish I had gone to my friends party, but my dad did the, "This time next year you'll be out with your friends." speech making me feel bad.  He then followed it up with, "This will probably be our last New Years Eve together..." So I ultimately ended up staying with my parents and going nextdoor.  But he is right, next year I will be out with my friends...

I finally managed to haul myself out of bed at 1.30PM. Gosh I am so lazy, I probably would have continued to sleep if it was for the fact I had work.  I entered work thinking, 'I hate work. I hate work. I hate work.' and I left work still thinking the same.  Working in a cinema is a lot more hassle than you would think.  As I'm not yet 18, I'm unable to sell tickets to The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. So I received a tonne of abuse from customers claiming that I shouldn't have been employed if I cannot sell tickets.  I then got shouted at by the manager for not mopping the floor to his standard last week. Ah, I really do hate work.  So I came home thinking I could recover from the horrid experience with some chocolate.  But then I realised that my number 1 resolution was to stopping eating chocolate. Oh my.

But on a brighter note, I'm still smiling.  And I've just tucked into some Pringles, whilst watching the Alan Carr New Years Specstacular from last night. 

Tomorrow, will be quite an interesting day.  Stay tuned...

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